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Basic characteristic of contest

The competition is divided to categories of clubs, individuals, juniors and women and each vintage lasts for entire calendar year from 1.1. to 31.12. The flights can be registered 30 days after the flight at the latest. After the achievement was reported the fligt will be automatically evaluated and the score will be calculated within 2 minutes. The standings are compiled from three best achievements of each pilot. The scoring and rules of competition lead off from National Gliding Competition (CPS) organized by the Aeroclub of the Czech Republic.

History of contest

Online cup gcup.eu leads off from Czech flight systém www.cpska.cz, which was created during the year 2006 as a bachelor work. The aim was to create clearly organized flight system, which would enable the pilots to register their flights to the system and subsequently to display list of flights, standings of pilots and clubs sorted by various criteria.

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